Sunday, July 19, 2009

4th of July at the Park

The side of a very cool cake that we got for the 4th.

A watermelon cake...complete with ants for the 4th!

Ed at the park on the 4th.

Rattchuk's "tattoo"

The elusive Princess Shell at the park


Freakin. He really hates having his picture taken.

Anthostein at the park

Little Bit at the park.

Conversations with Lucius

Ok, so I believe that my 4 year old grandson Lucius is quite possibly one of the funniest people that I have met in a long time. Let me recount a couple of recent conversations with him.....

On the way to the zoo Lu and I were in the back seat and I had been irritating Bug (can't help's fun for me) and she had told me that I was being dumb and then I turn to Lu and say:

Me: Man. She sure is grumpy, isn't she?

Lu: Yup.

Me: I wonder why she's so grumpy , Lu?

At this point, he turns to me and says:
"Look, I'm a pretty nice guy...I have NO idea why SHE'S so grumpy."

After the Zoo, we went to the Gaslamp Quarter for lunch. While we were waiting for the food, the following conversation takes place:

Me: So, Lu, what was your favorite animal at the Zoo?

Lu: Well, Grandma, I like the Zebras. OH, but we didn't go see them, now did we?

Just a bit of background...he never once mentioned wanting to see Zebras or even that he liked zebras all day at the Zoo.


While in the pool with Bug, Lu had asked about playing with various pool toys, only to be told by Bug that they had either been chewed by the dogs, or were dirty and had to be cleaned first. So apparently my darling Grandson sighed and walked away from Bug and said:

"What IS this crap?"

I Love that boy!!!!


Zoo Time w/The Girls

Bug on the "Sky Buckets"

Nitoe and Lucius in a moment of love.....

Lucius and a friend

On the way to the zoo

Nitoe, Bug and Lucius at the zoo....what a great day we had!

Tundra Summer

Ok, so summer is here on the Tundra and that means HEAT. We have been spending a fair amount of time at Bug's in her pool...but the heat is still pretty oppressive.

Not a whole lot going on you can see by the flooring is DONE!!! YAY!! Anthostein and Ed did an AMAZING job and it looks FAB-U -LOUS!!! I really really really really loves it!

Been working a lot (even doing OT..I know, right!) and trying to help out not a whole lot of fun..we did manage a quick trip to SD, and I took a trip to the SD Zoo with my favorite lebanese couple and grandson(That will be in a blog on it's grandson is HILARIOUS!) to come later(saved em to the lap top and I'm too hot and lazy to mess with that now)

Freakin cut his hair and shaved his beard and now looks 12, and Shila the Wonderdog had to get 14 staples and wear a cone for 12 days cuz some rude dog decided to bite her. She's all better now, but she was unhappy for a while...and I learned that if I wrap her pills up in sandwich meat, she'll eat them just fine!

That's all for now...what's up with YOU?


Pool time!

Bug at rest...

Happy Rattchuk!

Bug attacking me...not sure why...

Anthostein and Lucious

Bug and Anthostein...


My floor...isn't it beautiful?

Putting in the last piece!


The floor with the wall color....I loves it!

Anthostein working on my flooring...what a good son!