Sunday, January 31, 2010

Me Again!

Hey Everybody! I was just dinkin around on the old interwebs and decided to post as little blog. So here goes:

Bug wrecked her Montero and now has a Chevy Silverado to take it's place. (No one was hurt). Nitoe has started college classes and soon we will call her Dr. Nitoe,PHD. Lu is growing like crazy and Twitch is now employed at Del Taco in San Jaghetto

Rattchuk is still at Valle Vista Home Center and still likes her job. Princess Shell and Brand Muffin are still here and I actually see them once in a while. Dave and I are still on opposite schedules, and are still trying to work THAT out...but there is a possibility that soon it will all work out cuz he MIGHT be switching jobs (cross your fingers and toes) My work is ...welll....interesting as of late. A LOT of rumors regarding a possible shut down by Hilton but my thought is"whatever is gonna happen will happen" and getting all worked up over a possibility is pretty dumb. So, I shall wait and see.

Nitoe and I have been taking cake decorating classes together once a week for the past 3 months. I have discovered that not only do I ENJOY making and decorating the cakes, I am pretty good at it. Perhaps I will make a side business out of it....

Freakin and Pufferfish are doing good. They are real happy and I am glad for them. They really do make a great couple.

Anthostein is still at school and is doing well, I suppose. I really don't hear from him that often, but when I do, he seems ok.

That is all.