Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hey Everybody!!!!!!

So Hello again from the Tundra! I haven't posted in awhile because, like my friend Himbo, I have been too busy! Let's see...first there was Prom, then Pass and Review(it's an ROTC thing) , then ROTC Senior Picnic, then more dress and shoe shopping (YAY), then Senior Awards night, then Graduation, then Grad Nite.....I am worn out. Good thing I took extra days off from work.

Also somewhere in there, I had a birthday, got an iPhone(Thanks Ed!) and a pair of Versace sunglasses (thanks Bug and Nitoe!) , and took our youngest(Rattchuk herself) to sign up for the Air Force Reserves. We also pretty much finished the painting and the fireplace is 95% tiled. What a busy busy girl I've been!

I will be posting pictures shortly......oh yeah...I almost forgot! I will be getting a memorial tattoo for my Mom on calf on Monday. It will be my first....

Graduation Pics

Rattchuk in her Graduation dress.

Little Bit Graduating

Rattchuk Graduating (and dancing)

Having fun before Senior Awards