Saturday, November 13, 2010

Back after a LOOOONG abscence!!!

Hello everyone! It has been a VERY long time since my last post and there have been quite a few changes here on the Tundra. goes!

My darling husband Ed has retired from the USAF . That's right, after 29 years, he is a civilian. His retirement ceremony was nice, and I got 2 dozen long stemmed yellow roses, and a very nice letter in a leather binder. He now works for DCMA. That's Defense Contract Management Agency...yup the guvment.

Rattchuk is now a US Marine. She has gone thru boot camp and is now at her MOS school in Ft. Lee, VA. She is due home on Dec. 9, and is still afraid of squirrels..more on that later

Princess Shell has moved to Vancouver,WA to follow a career opportunity. She has been given a job in the anamaie (spelling?) industry. But for now, while she gets the schooling/training necessary, she is working at....wait for it.......Shell! That's right! She is working at a station a few blocks from her apartment! Life is strange! Oh, and she went there without Sassafras...they are currently "working on it" whatever the hell THAT means....

Anthostein has moved back into the Tundra. He is living with some friends and sharing living expenses, so he is currently doing any and all orders the Army can give him. He has 2 sets of 10 day orders coming up and then hopefully after that 90 day is on the back burner for now due to transportation issues.....AND he is now dating a wonderful little girl (really, she is small) named Lizard. I like her. She has spunk....

The lebanese are still together. Bug is currently unemployed and Nitoe is currently pregnant with twins again. She is doing the surrogacy thing again. And making cakes.

Twitch lives with the lebanese and works at Del Taco.

Freakin and his bride, Pufferfish and little Mia are all in Goose Creek, SC. They are there cuz Freakin is a seaman..or sea warrior...or sea biscuit....whatever. He's in the Navy. Anyway, he is in training there and they have all gone. It makes me sad, so we won't talk of it right now. They are all good .

As for me...well...Hilton closed it's doors and I am unemployed...sorta. Blackstone decided that a bunch of Phillipinos could do our jobs better than us, and they sent our jobs there. So, I have been making cakes, and cupcakes for a living. Well, sorta...I mean, I'm not really making a LOT of money at it and it isn't exactly steady, but I'm trying. I have made a couple of pretty nice cakes though...and the last order I did for Veteran's Day has the potential to turn into something we shall see....In the meantime, I am waiting to hear about school opportunities thru TRA and also Ed is gonna look into a VA grant or loan for a commercial kitchen for me...More to come as that develops....

Shila the wonder dog is still.....wonderous!

That is all


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Me Again!

Hey Everybody! I was just dinkin around on the old interwebs and decided to post as little blog. So here goes:

Bug wrecked her Montero and now has a Chevy Silverado to take it's place. (No one was hurt). Nitoe has started college classes and soon we will call her Dr. Nitoe,PHD. Lu is growing like crazy and Twitch is now employed at Del Taco in San Jaghetto

Rattchuk is still at Valle Vista Home Center and still likes her job. Princess Shell and Brand Muffin are still here and I actually see them once in a while. Dave and I are still on opposite schedules, and are still trying to work THAT out...but there is a possibility that soon it will all work out cuz he MIGHT be switching jobs (cross your fingers and toes) My work is ...welll....interesting as of late. A LOT of rumors regarding a possible shut down by Hilton but my thought is"whatever is gonna happen will happen" and getting all worked up over a possibility is pretty dumb. So, I shall wait and see.

Nitoe and I have been taking cake decorating classes together once a week for the past 3 months. I have discovered that not only do I ENJOY making and decorating the cakes, I am pretty good at it. Perhaps I will make a side business out of it....

Freakin and Pufferfish are doing good. They are real happy and I am glad for them. They really do make a great couple.

Anthostein is still at school and is doing well, I suppose. I really don't hear from him that often, but when I do, he seems ok.

That is all.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Hi has been a LONG time since I last blogged (at least according to Freakin') so here goes...

A few changes have happened in the past few months, one of which is that Anthostein has moved out. He decided he wants to be a chef and is now a student at The International Culinary School at the Art Institute of The Inland Empire (WOW that's a mouthful!). Anyway, he lives at the college housing. He will be there for 3 years and will have a masters degree when he finishes.

Another change is that Princess Shell and her girlfriend Sassafras have moved in. They ran into some financial difficulty and lost their apartment, and so of course we told them to come home. Couldn't have them out on the streets, after all.

My friend Freakin' is no longer single. That's right missed out, now stop your crying! Anyway, his girlfriend has been renamed Pufferfish(yeah I changed it with it Freakin') and she has the most adorable baby girl codenamed Panda.

As of this Monday,RattChuk will be gainfully employed at Valle Vista Hardware. YAY! It's her first job and she's excited. That will pass soon enough....

Ed and I are doing ok. He is still on nights and I'm on days, so we do have THAT going for us...We have managed to take a couple of weekend trips and do try to spend as much time together as possible during the week......

That's about all I can think of for good night....

Saturday, August 15, 2009


As I am typing this little blog, I am sitting in a cabin in Zion, Utah. It is SO beautiful here! A little background on how I came to this place is needed, so here goes.....

My OLDER sister Sue (did I mention she was older than me? ) and 2 of her friends were going to come up here and do some hiking for like a week and then Sue decided that it would be a blast to get as many members of our family here as possible. SO..Myself, Ed, Rattchuk, Freakin, my sister Melissa, her 4 kids, my sister Beckatang, my brother John, my sister Mary and her husband and grand daughter all converged on this wonderous spot.

It has been amazing. Family fun, hiking, good food, good times, beautiful scenery (pics to come later) . But the best part for me was the chance to spend time with the brother and sisters. We don't seem to see each other as much as we would like, so it was pretty awesome!

I think everyone will agree that this was a great time, especially when John emptied his ice chest on Sue, and then spent the rest of the day/evening trying to convince her it was all Beckatanag's idea!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

4th of July at the Park

The side of a very cool cake that we got for the 4th.

A watermelon cake...complete with ants for the 4th!

Ed at the park on the 4th.

Rattchuk's "tattoo"

The elusive Princess Shell at the park


Freakin. He really hates having his picture taken.

Anthostein at the park

Little Bit at the park.

Conversations with Lucius

Ok, so I believe that my 4 year old grandson Lucius is quite possibly one of the funniest people that I have met in a long time. Let me recount a couple of recent conversations with him.....

On the way to the zoo Lu and I were in the back seat and I had been irritating Bug (can't help's fun for me) and she had told me that I was being dumb and then I turn to Lu and say:

Me: Man. She sure is grumpy, isn't she?

Lu: Yup.

Me: I wonder why she's so grumpy , Lu?

At this point, he turns to me and says:
"Look, I'm a pretty nice guy...I have NO idea why SHE'S so grumpy."

After the Zoo, we went to the Gaslamp Quarter for lunch. While we were waiting for the food, the following conversation takes place:

Me: So, Lu, what was your favorite animal at the Zoo?

Lu: Well, Grandma, I like the Zebras. OH, but we didn't go see them, now did we?

Just a bit of background...he never once mentioned wanting to see Zebras or even that he liked zebras all day at the Zoo.


While in the pool with Bug, Lu had asked about playing with various pool toys, only to be told by Bug that they had either been chewed by the dogs, or were dirty and had to be cleaned first. So apparently my darling Grandson sighed and walked away from Bug and said:

"What IS this crap?"

I Love that boy!!!!


Zoo Time w/The Girls

Bug on the "Sky Buckets"

Nitoe and Lucius in a moment of love.....

Lucius and a friend

On the way to the zoo

Nitoe, Bug and Lucius at the zoo....what a great day we had!