Saturday, November 13, 2010

Back after a LOOOONG abscence!!!

Hello everyone! It has been a VERY long time since my last post and there have been quite a few changes here on the Tundra. goes!

My darling husband Ed has retired from the USAF . That's right, after 29 years, he is a civilian. His retirement ceremony was nice, and I got 2 dozen long stemmed yellow roses, and a very nice letter in a leather binder. He now works for DCMA. That's Defense Contract Management Agency...yup the guvment.

Rattchuk is now a US Marine. She has gone thru boot camp and is now at her MOS school in Ft. Lee, VA. She is due home on Dec. 9, and is still afraid of squirrels..more on that later

Princess Shell has moved to Vancouver,WA to follow a career opportunity. She has been given a job in the anamaie (spelling?) industry. But for now, while she gets the schooling/training necessary, she is working at....wait for it.......Shell! That's right! She is working at a station a few blocks from her apartment! Life is strange! Oh, and she went there without Sassafras...they are currently "working on it" whatever the hell THAT means....

Anthostein has moved back into the Tundra. He is living with some friends and sharing living expenses, so he is currently doing any and all orders the Army can give him. He has 2 sets of 10 day orders coming up and then hopefully after that 90 day is on the back burner for now due to transportation issues.....AND he is now dating a wonderful little girl (really, she is small) named Lizard. I like her. She has spunk....

The lebanese are still together. Bug is currently unemployed and Nitoe is currently pregnant with twins again. She is doing the surrogacy thing again. And making cakes.

Twitch lives with the lebanese and works at Del Taco.

Freakin and his bride, Pufferfish and little Mia are all in Goose Creek, SC. They are there cuz Freakin is a seaman..or sea warrior...or sea biscuit....whatever. He's in the Navy. Anyway, he is in training there and they have all gone. It makes me sad, so we won't talk of it right now. They are all good .

As for me...well...Hilton closed it's doors and I am unemployed...sorta. Blackstone decided that a bunch of Phillipinos could do our jobs better than us, and they sent our jobs there. So, I have been making cakes, and cupcakes for a living. Well, sorta...I mean, I'm not really making a LOT of money at it and it isn't exactly steady, but I'm trying. I have made a couple of pretty nice cakes though...and the last order I did for Veteran's Day has the potential to turn into something we shall see....In the meantime, I am waiting to hear about school opportunities thru TRA and also Ed is gonna look into a VA grant or loan for a commercial kitchen for me...More to come as that develops....

Shila the wonder dog is still.....wonderous!

That is all


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  1. It took a minute to dust off my blogger and log back in this thing... you make me want to start up again B-Rowe!! Great update

    have I told you lately I'm in love with your baking and crave those delicious red velvet cupakes of yours!?? yummmm