Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rattchuk's Prom part 2

Self portrait......aka "myspace shot"

Rattchuk and her date

Figuring out the corsage

Being silly!

Rattchuk's Prom

So, following are some of the pictures of Rattchuk's Senior Prom.

The Hair

Looking Beautiful
She had a good time, and really that's all that matters. I will be posting more pictures on part two!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Prom Pics Part 1

Anthostein and Little Bit

My favorite picture cuz they are both smiling!

Little Bit and Katie

Little Bit (notice the jewelery)

Isn't she pretty?


Prom Drama

So today was/is Prom. We did finally find the shoes ( I TOLD you I would be victorious) only to have them stolen, yes STOLEN, by some heinous cow at the High School. Bree had worn them to school to get them broken in and so forth, and when she took them off in Theater for her dress rehearsal, some sorry excuse for a human stole her prom shoes. So, it was back to the Shops at Dos Lagos for Ed and I to get the absolute LAST pair in that color and size. (We actually bought the display shoe!)

After that, there were still some last minute drama involving Marge (who is back on the road again!) and weather she would be able to make it there and back ok. Also a couple of last minute items to fix/aquire for her.

And then, when all THAT was done, we still had to (and by we I of course mean ME) coordinate the nail and hair appointments. Now, you would think this would be a simple matter of making 2 appointments for each thing...wrong. See, RattChuk was able to get her nails done on Friday, but Little Bit could not because she had a play thing to do. SO...RattChuk had her nails done on Friday, and Little Bit had to get hers done on Saturday (prom day)

Now I know that does not seem to be such a big deal, but they BOTH also had to get their hair done that morning at a Salon about an hour away. This really put us in a time crunch. See, RattChuk's date decided that he wanted to pick her up at 330 PM. The hair was to be done at 10 and 1115 respectively. Since beauty takes time, this not only caused a time crunch (factoring in drive time) but Little Bit had a 2PM nail appointment in Hemet. So, you see my dilemma.

ANYWAY...we got their hair done, and they both looked truly beautiful, (Amber rocks!) and left the Salon at 1205 pm, putting us back into Hemet at a little before 1 pm. Little Bit needed to go to her Mom's house to get some tanning stuff on her back to even out her tan line (I don't know...) and to check on the last minute alterations of her and Katie's dresses.(As if we needed more stress...right?) We got to the Nail Salon at 145 and Anh (my FAVORITE nail tech EVER!) got us in early. Little Bit got her nails done, and we got home in time for RattChuk to get ready and get picked up by 4. Whew...one down...one to go......

Now, did I mention that Anthostein had to work today? Well...he did. He went to work with Ed as they both work on the same base and didnt even get home until 430-445..anyway I digress...SO, because the dresses were still being altered, and Little Bit informed me that she and Anthostein still had to pick up Katie and her date, all this after he got home and got ready and that they had to take Katies dress to her and she had to get ready, I suggested that Katie come over here and get dressed, as Little Bit's mom was bringing BOTH dresses here. Well, of course that meant that I had to go pick up Katie. Which I did. The girls were doing make up and Katies hair when the guys got home. (Ed and the boy that is) So when Anthostein got home, he went straight into the shower and took all of his stuff into the bathroom to get ready. He was to wear his Class A uniform, which Ed got dry cleaned for him on base.

We got the girls in my room/bathroom getting ready, the dresses arriving, and Anthostein getting dressed in the bathroom. Now, Anthostein was not allowed to see the dress until it was on her and she was completely ready (her rules, not mine) When Anthostein put the pants on for his uniform, he realized they were not his. Yep. the dry cleaner had given us a pair that were 2 sizes too small. I have never seen my son so close to abject despair in all my life. I told him "I can fix this" and proceeded to have him get dressed and we went Suit Jacket shopping.

We found one, and on the way back to the house, I picked up Katie's date and brought him here. Ed and Anthostein happen to be about he same size, so Anthostein wore the suit jacket, Ed's slacks, Ed's shirt (PERFECT color match for Little Bit's dress btw..) and Ed's dress shoes. He did wear his own tie...and underwear....

And then after pictures (which I will post) they were finally off to prom.....

I just hope they have an AMAZING night.....I'm tired.....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Renovation Update!!!

Following are updated pictures of the work we did today in my dining room area. I really like the color. It's called "worn path" and I think it looks wonderful! The ceiling is done in a off white. The trim will be a darker color. There is an end in sight! Yay!!!!!!!!

Looking into the dining room from the living room: Dining room wall:
The wall and ceiling together. We will be putting crown molding in a darker color.
More pics when that goes up!:


Thursday, May 7, 2009

From my sister

The following was taken from my family web site. It was a posting from my sister. She is the Director of the Animal Shelter. (No counties mentioned) Here is the post:

I have the story behind the worlds dumbest person. Are you ready?A women comes to the front counter with a 2 week old kitten and tells staff she has been biten by this cat, they ask how and proceed to do an offical bite report. She tells them how she is a new mother, little baby in stroller. She was in her back yard, heard this kitten crying and went over to it, it looked like it was hungry, since she is breast feeding her own child she thought " I can feed this one too". Ok, so maybe no one has ever told her kittens have teeth when humans don't, not sure. I did have a few guys volunteering to do the skin break verification, but with a story like that, none needed. I have heard many many stories that have instilled in me the fact that humanes are STUPID, but this is the winner.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Happenings

Ok. So, We went Prom dress shopping this past weekend. By we I mean, Me, Ed, Anthostein, Little Bit, Rattchuk and Freakin. Yes, all of us went. I was glad that I was able to persuade Freakin to go. We all stayed at one of our Hotels in the area and good times was had by all.

We found the perfect dress, the necklace and earrings. All that is left is the shoes. Still having a bit of trouble finding them. But never fear...I will be victorious!

While at the Ontario Mills Mall, we had dinner at The Rainforest Cafe. I have to say that the waitress was espically wonderous. She kept up with all 6 of us and didn't even bat an eye when Little Bit spilled a drink into the appetizer plate.(BTW...that was the second time that day she knocked over liquid in the direction of Ed...hmmmm....suspicious...) Just brought us napkins and a new platter and a new drink. This made us all happy and renewed our faith in waitresses cuz that morning on the way to Ontario, we had the opposite type of waitress. She even had the nerve to argue with me. Stupid cow.

On Sunday evening we went over to Bug and Nitoe's for dinner. Bug prepared a birthday feast extravaganza for me. She made some of the best ribs I have had in a while, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. They also got me a Birthday cake that was pretty and decorated on the outside and fudgy goodness on the inside. After dinner, we played Uno and were reminded just how competeitive we all are. Wow! Good times.

Anyway...the search for the shoes begins....