Sunday, April 26, 2009

Construction Update

Ok, so this weekend we got back on track with the luxurification process at the house. Thanks to help from Freakin, Rattchuk,Anthostein and Ed, we got a LOT done. I now have a living room that is all drywalled, mudded , taped, sanded and primer painted. AMAZING diffrerence....

After all of our hard of the windows in the living room and the wall.....

Another finished corner.....

My two guys hard at work...Ed and Freakin...

Freakin sanding his little fingers off!!!
Ed amongst the dust
All in all...a very productive and busy weekend. But now all that is left to do is a second primer coat, then the color, then the flooring and the fireplce. There is an end in sight!!!! Whoo Hoooo!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The following are texts between myself and Freakin:
(I had asked him what he was doin)

F: Math class break time.

Me: Badass

F: heh. You said ass. Why is math class badass?

Me: Breaktime is badass

F: I guess .

F: There is a mexican kid sharpening his pencil with nothing less than a razor on a stick. I feel like I'm in a prison movie.


F: Can't run. Must stay, Must learn.


F: I can only imagine you yelling that while I'm whispering that to you and your getting us both killed.

At that point I realized he really DOES know me! Then I became concerned that he didn't text anymore and I figure if he does not show up at work tomorrow morning, I will have to drive around looking in ditches for him....


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shopping trip!

Ok, so today I went shopping. Now usually it's like..big deal...who cares...whatever. But today I took Little Bit with me and we had an AMAZING time. I finally found someone who shops like I do! I do not shop like the normal person and I have found that the "normal shopper" tends to get frustrated and angry with me halfway into the trip. Not so today! I was in my own heaven!

I found SO much that I had been wanting to locate. I found the perfect curtains and sheers for the living room , dining room, and my bedroom. Also the cutest blouse (on sale, thank you very much) and was able to get Ed his annivesary present in the color I wanted. (I got him a DS) I also found a new shirt and tie in the most amazing color for him to wear when he takes me out tonight. (I KNOW!!)

Added to the wonderfullness of the day was the fact that I have discovered that I have quite a lot in common with Little Bit. Even more than before. AWESOME!!

We also had a bit of an adventure at KMart. We were in line and I was looking around and noticed a woman in front of us in line had on a kinda cute sundress. Then when she turned away, I noticed that the KMart price tag was sticking out the back. SERIOUSLY! So I pointed it out to Little Bit and she was like"Wow" and I just laughed. About that time, another cashier came over and said she would help us, and on the way over, I commented to Little Bit that I didn't know you could just buy something and wear it out the store. The Cashier overheard me and said "What?" I then told her about the woman and that I was sure she was gonna pay for it cuz the tag was sticking out and she said "I'll be right back". When she came back she was like "o, she wasn't going to pay for it. She was just going to wear it out the store." I was floored! I mean, really! How you gonna go in, try on something, leave it on, have the tag sticking out and then walk out the door?!?!?!? SERIOUSLY!! In KMART???? REALLY? Oh, and did I mention she was with like 4-5 family members and they seemed ok with it?

Now I gotta know...where were the clothes she wore in?


Friday, April 17, 2009


So, tomorrow promises to be slightly busy, but fun and educational too. I have drop off Little Bit at 9 at the High School, then pick her up at Noon. Now, my friend Freakin' (Troy) is going to come over and we will go pick up the little one together where we will all then proceed to March Air Reserve Base.

Now, you might be asking yourself "why in the world are they going to a military installation?" Well, children, I need to get my military dependant ID renewed, as it has apparently expired. I was not aware of this until it was pointed out to me by the lady at the bank. While there we will also be taking a tour of a C-17. Ed happens to be the Section Supervisor and can get us on the planes. For some of us....well....we've seen it. However, Freakin and Little Bit have not. (thus the educational portion of our day)

You may also be asking about Freakin. He is my work buddy who has become a regular buddy. I mean like outside of know....anyway. I do believe that he will become the Himbo to my Bon Don! I don't know....can we ever reach the level of coolness and luxuriosity of the dynamic duo? I can only hope!

Busy day

I had a rather busy day today. After working until 145, I left work and went to the High School and picked up Little Bit (Anthostein's girlfriend) and RattChuk then went home, picked up Anthostein , and headed to the Tundra's version of a mall. (Rather sad, but it's close)

There we went to and got Anthostein's hair cut , went shopping at JC Penney where I got some AMAZING deals ( buy one, get one for 88 cents on ALL kinds of stuff ) , left there, met Ed at Sizzler for dinner, went back to the Mall (got the wrong socks for Ed...grounds for divorce in some states) and then went to Little Bit's Mom's house, then to Bugs house, and finally back to mi casa!


Then, after getting home, I went online and paid bills, and checked my emails (seriously, 52 in one day! But apparently I can increase the size of my penis I guess it's ok?....wait...what?)

I think I'm tired.......

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Realization

So, it has taken me a while to realize that my blogs really don't have to be "about" anything. I was stressing trying to think up stuff to write about and so I went back through Himbo and Bon Don's postings (as they are both brillant, sexy and funny) I realized that really, I can blog about any damn thing I please!

So I am.

So there.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

A brilliant idea....from ME!

Ok, So I was texting with my friend Freakin (more about him later) and I told him I wanted ice cream and he said he did too. Then I told him I basically wanted a sundae with chocolate ice cream and his exact words were "Numm nummers nummy"...ANYWAY...then he said that what I needed was someone to deliver ice cream to me...and it hit me!!

What the world needs now is an ice cream delivery service!!!! How badass would THAT be??? I mean seriously! Ice cream delivered right to your door!! That is my idea of a happy world!! cream.........

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Conversation with Bug

Me:Hello. Whatcha doin?

Bug: Drivin home.

Me: Oh. So what's new with you?

Bug: Not much. So I came up with a brilliant idea that's sure to make us a lot of money.....

Me: Oh crap. What now?

Bug: Ok, lady, there's no reason to use that tone with me....ANYWAY....I have decided that we should buy a horse and run it in the Kentucky Derby.

Me: No. I am not buying a horse and putting it in the Derby.

Bug: Why the hell not? We could make a LOT of money when it wins...

Me: Ok, First of all, neither one of us has the kind of money it takes to buy a racehorse and train it, and then there's the matter of a jockey.

Bug: You can buy a horse for like 5 grand and we can always hire a midget. They are always looking for work since Willie Wonka wrapped up production. And that's only 2500 each. And like 500 bucks for the midget.......

Me: Midgets are not jockeys and even if you could find a horse for 5 grand, how would you get it trained?

Bug: Well, I have noticed that Jack (her dog) really hates it when I play "Got yer Butt" (this involves Bug pinching his butt and yelling "Got yer Butt" at him....yeah I know) So I figure if we teach the horse "got yer butt" then all the midget would have to do is get on it and then yell "Got Yer Butt!!!!" and the horse would take off and WIN! Also, midgets can do anything we can do...bigot.

Me: Wow. You really need to be busier during the workday.

Bug: Your tax dollars hard at work!

Me: And I never said midgets couldn't BE jockeys, I was simply saying they aren't the same thing... Besides, where would we keep this horse?

Bug: We would take turns. One week at your house and one week at know sharing. We would also have to share the midget....but they don't take up much room....


Bug: I even came up with a name for the horse....BrenJa!

Me: Hey, I kinda like that........a midget you say??????